Does the Murray Grey have any relationship with the Galloway?

A typical description of the Murray Grey cattle breed would say something along the lines that Murray Grey’s were developed from Angus bull and a roan Shorthorn cow – and as NSW Department of Agriculture say, “13 such calves of the same colour being kept originally as curiosities”.  Lots of breeders wonder why the production of a grey calf from Angus bull and a roan Shorthorn cow could never be repeated.  There have always been rumours that Galloway cattle were involved in the development of the Murray Grey. There are the old Galloway breeders who will still quote the bull involved.  It makes sense; you look at the Murray Grey and the Galloway and there are a lot of similarities. Look at the ears, the colour pattern, the head…And then you start researching and you find some interesting articles.  Here’s a few articles on ‘Grey Galloways’ from the Upper Murray region which were published in a prominent rural publication around the time of the Murray Grey’s beginning.

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The answer to the question... well, perhaps time will tell. We continue our research...

In the meantime, Murray Grey breeders continue to be a good market for our Galloway beeders.