Genetic Diversity of Cattle Breeds

Over the centuries since mankind first started farming, genetic variation has allowed the selection of the improved crops and livestock that have fed an ever increasing population. Maintaining genetic variation is crucial if we want to continue to improve our livestock and respond to changes in climate, disease or consumer preferences. The following article by Sarah Blott, John Williams and Chris Haley describes work at the Roslin Institute on the evaluation of genetic diversity in European cattle breeds.

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This table contains the key to the mapping within the article:

Abbrev Breed Abbrev Breed Abbrev Breed Abbrev Breed
AA Aberdeen Angas GA Galloway LM Limousin SA Salers
AY Ayshire GB Gelbvieh LO Longhorn SD South Devon
BB Belgian Blue GL Gloucester LR Lincoln Red SH Shorthorn
BA Blonde d’Aquitane GU Guernsey PH Poll Hereford SM Simmental
BG Belted Galloway HF Hereford MA Maine-Anjou SX Sussex
BS Brown Swiss HL Highland MC Marchigiana WB Welsh Black
BW British White HO Holstein-Fresian MR Meuse-Rhein-Yssel WP White Park
CH Charolais IC Icelandic MU Murray Grey    
CI Chianina JS Jersey PM Piemontese    
DX Dexter KY Kerry RM Romagnola