Monreith Galloways



Our property “Eden Glassie” is located approximately 15km from the city of Orange in Central West NSW. The Orange district is a fantastic place to visit, with a thriving foodie culture. There are plenty of high quality wineries and restaurants – and we think our Galloway beef is going to fit right in!

We are at about 600 m altitude, meaning cold wet winters and warm dry summers. – perfect for Galloways to thrive – although of course they do well in all conditions. Their shaggy coats mean they need to use much less energy to keep warm, and can continue to put on weight while other breeds are shivering the weight away!

Our herd

Our Stud herd consists of full-blood Galloways.

Our aim is to ensure that any cattle we produce are full blood Galloways, ensuring the retention of seed stock of this ancient breed for the future. We aim for structurally sound, moderately framed cattle with ease of doing and with fantastic docility and fertility.

We also are running a small commercial herd consisting of full blood solid and belted Galloways.

Give us a call if you are interested in looking at purchasing into the Galloway family. Our plan is to produce quality stud bulls and heifers, quiet commercial heifers perfect for smaller properties, and quality beef to be direct marketed in co-operation with like minded producers.

Why Galloways?

As we are new to farming, we were looking for a cattle breed that met a number of key criteria.

1)      docility – we have complete confidence in the temperament of our cattle, and are actively selecting for this trait in both our stud and commercial herd

2)      Calving ease and mothering ability. There are plenty of places for our stock to hide when giving birth, and we sometimes need to be away from the farm – so it is important that we don’t need to be pulling calves. Our neighbour, who runs a different breed got very little sleep during calving season last year, while we stayed tucked up in bed

3)      Feed efficiency. Galloways are proven to be less fussy about what they eat (important in some of our paddocks!). In fact in the UK, Galloways are being used to help rural environments as they are less selective grazers, meaning the weeds have a tougher time taking over.

4)      Profit – Galloways produce great beef. We are looking to build a co-operative group in our region – so that we can direct market our meat through places like the Orange Farmer’s market.

We believe Galloways have a fantastic future. As higher grain prices means a move back to pasture fed beef, the Galloways proven capacity to produce the highest quality beef from average pastures will be rewarded. The purity of the bloodlines makes them excellent for cross breeding with strong hybrid vigour.

Our solid Galloways have been sourced from the Minto herd of Greg and Chris Stuart. They have given us wonderful support and are always ready with advice. In fact everyone we have met in the Galloway family has been very supportive. If you are new to cattle breeding, we recommend that you make sure that your chosen breed has a very supportive breed society – and Galloways Australia certainly meets that criteria.

Our story so far...

Jason and Suzanne Vials made the tree change from Sydney to the Orange district in January 2008, after purchasing the property Kenilworth in mid 2005. Together with our 4 children we were seeking a better quality of life, and a chance to realise Jason’s long term dream of running a few cattle. Suzanne actually grew up on a farm not far from our property, and our hope is that our kids can have the childhood she experienced. Sue’s brother Roger Ford, is also living on the property and handling much of the day to day farm activity – as Jason still has a “real job” in a financial planning role.

We are loving the country life, and can never imagine moving back to the big smoke. Our Galloways have proven to be everything we hoped, docile and very easy to handle, giving little trouble at calving time, and growing big and fat on average pastures. We have exhibited our cattle at Royal Canberra and Royal Bathurst shows, and will be doing more on the show circuit in the next 12 months.

We are actively looking for like minded people in our region to build up the number of Galloways so that we can direct market our beef. No matter what type of cattle operation you are looking to run, Galloways can fill that niche.

We would love to show off our magnificent Galloways. If you are new to farming, we would love to pass on some of the knowledge that has been so generously given to us – in non farmer speak!