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Yass Valley Galloways has a solid reputation for preserving true Galloway genetics.

Yass Valley Galloways

Glenkelso Connor

Yass Valley Galloways have acquired some of the best Glenkelso stud females, and the stud’s principal sire Glenkelso Connor (JM P113) who survived a rigorous performance-based herd management program.

The Glenkelso Galloway Stud was founded in 1968 with all cattle initially purchased being direct descendants of the original importations of Galloways into Australia in the 1950's. Glenkelso Galloways has remained a closed herd to the introduction of stud bulls since the importation of Universe of Merrick in 1974 from New Zealand.

The Glenkelso stud maintained its breeding objectives, keeping to the structural traits of traditional Galloways whilst focusing on the commercial needs of the beef industry; with all Glenkelso cattle performance recorded since 1974. 

The Australian Galloway Society recognised the quality of the Glenkelso stud with Glenkelso Ian (the first Galloway bull to be Grand Champion at successive Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide Royal Shows) being highlighted in the Society’s logo for years.

Glenkelso was the largest black and dun Galloway stud in Australia, and arguably one of the world finest traditional Galloway herds in the world – the herd now partially dispersed.

Yass Valley Galloways now have Glenkelso Connor semen available for purchase. As well as domestic use, the semen is cleared for export to the US and Canada. Glenkelso is Alpha-Mannosidosis free.

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